4 UR LOVE Ministry
This ministry is for Married, Engaged or Seriously Dating Couples. This ministry is lead by ... more

Business & Finance Team
The business team is responsible for one of the vital components of church life – ... more

Deacons & Wives Ministry
(S.W.A.T. S.- Servants Working At Taking care of sheep) This is an elite group chosen by the ... more

D.I.V.A. Ministry
(D.I.V.A. – Daughters of Integrity, Virtue and Anointing) This ministry is currently ... more

LIVING Singles Ministry
This ministry was developed to provide fellowship and ministry opportunities for adults who are ... more

M.A.C.K. Ministry
Ministry (M.A.C.K. – Men Advancing Christ’s Kingdom) This ministry is ... more

Nu LIFE Team
(Delivery Room workers, Nu Life Counselors, New Member contacts, Assimilation) - This team is ... more

Perfecting Church Team
This team will serve as an essential part of our church government and administration. The team ... more

P.E.W. Ministry
P.E.W. (Perfecting Excellent Worship) Ministry (Music, Ushers, Nurses, Hospitality & ... more

Prayer Team
This is perhaps one of the most important ministries in our church fellowship. This is a group ... more

S.S.U.G.A.R. Ministry
(Sisters Submitting Unto God & The Reverend-Ministers Wives Fellowship) This ministry ... more


The Timothy Ministry
This is an elite group of men and women who are only inducted by a "call" ... more

W.E.I.G.H.T. Ministry
(W.E.I.G.H.T. ‚Äč Ministry) This ministry is lead by Josh Wilson and Arquette Alexander. more

Y.U.N.G. Ministry
Y.U.N.G. (Young People Under the Navigation of God) Youth and Young Adult Ministry)(ages 4-17 ... more