What We Believe

ALC Statement of Faith

The members of the Abundant LIFE Community Baptist Church (ALC) believe in the everlasting, omnipresent, all-knowing, Triune God.

We believe that the Godhead alone created the Heavens and the Earth and every good thing around us. 

We believe God loves His creations, even when we are in a weakened state. 

We believe that all humanity is sinful, regardless of our status or station.

We believe that sin separates us from right fellowship with our Holy God. 

We believe the Scriptures teach us that the consequence of sin is death (spiritual and physical).

However, we rejoice because we believe that God’s own love has compelled Him to send
His only begotten Son—Jesus, to die in our place and restore our relationship with the Father. 

We believe we enter into a relationship with God through a confessing belief in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. 

We believe the Bible is the infallible and inspired Word of God which gives to us God’s law, will, promises and plan.


We believe in the active presence of the Holy Spirit in the world, which convicts us of our sin and reveals to us God’s redemption love in Christ. 

We believe the presence/power of the Holy Spirit convicts, reminds, reveals, anoints, empowers, renews, unites, resurrects, heals, etc… 

We hold to these beliefs until Jesus Christ, who now sits at the right hand of the Father, returns to judge the living and the dead and receive His own into eternal LIFE.  


ALC Vision Statement

The vision of the Abundant LIFE Community Baptist Church is to commit whole-heartedly to the commission and cause of Jesus our Christ. 

We envision a church that expresses the love, compassion and joy of Jesus through sharing the gospel, edifying believers, sacrificial worship, loving our family and community and reaching out to pre-Christians. 

We envision making a constant effort to grow and nurture believers, encourage and support strong Christian families and serve as an extension of God to this community in teaching, giving, loving, etc.  

We purpose to spread the Word that our God is awesome and gracious.

Jesus Christ the Son died for the redemption of believers and the Holy Spirit dwells within us to encourage, guide, restrain and edify. 

We envision a ministry that embraces the scarred, “un-churched”, and broken. 

We commit to pursuing this vision until the Lord Himself comes to receive us.  Until then, we invest fully in this ministry, where better LIFE in CHRIST begins and we are LIVIN' IT UP!


ALC Mission Statement

Our mission is to preach the possibilities of Abundant LIFE; to prove the power of agape LOVE; and to praise and promote our awesome LORD ---Jesus the Christ.


 Church Objectives

To PREACH and TEACH the Scriptures and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

To evangelize, educate and edify through
 EVANGELISM and active soul-seeking of those outside the family of faith.

To provide relevant MINISTRY and RESOURCES to college students and young – middle aged adults.

To CREATE a fresh, exciting and real atmosphere for (young) families and individuals to fellowship, develop and prepare to evangelize. 

To EDUCATE, EMPOWER and ENCOURAGE children and youth. 

To provide SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP and PRESENCE in the community and in community affairs. (geographical and ethnical community)

To create an atmosphere of LOVE within our church family and to those outside our church membership the development of strong, CHRISTIAN FAMILY structures. 

Holistic MINISTRY to the mind, body and soul of the people of God.

Five Fold Focus of our Ministry:
Word (preaching/teaching)
Worship (praise/stewardship/giving)
Witness (evangelism/Christian living/outreach)
We (fellowship/community)
Work (missions/community presence/service)
We are committed to holistic ministry that encourages, educates and equips people of faith to operate and succeed in the world around them living in God’s abundance and victory in every day life.
 Self Improvement/Empowerment
Our commitment to developing and maturing believers’ in the Word of God and preparing/equipping them to go out into the world to make more disciples.
Relevant and contemporary worship designed to connect this generation to the power of God.
Our commitment is to preaching and teaching the uncompromised, but relevant Word of God, and to draw potential believers and edify the saints.
 The Word
Focusing on building stronger marriages, assistance for single parents, parent-child communications, etc.
Children’s programs, attention to needs of the less fortunate, ministry to single parents, support of schools, focusing on urban youth and young adults.
Community Outreach
Advancing the Kingdom of God by spreading the Gospel to the lost.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.